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The EIC Model™
Environment as an Integrating Context for improving student learning

    SEER provides professional development programs to meet the specific needs of each school or school district. The programs are highly interactive, and are designed to help teachers achieve standards-based learning goals through Environment-Based Education (EBE). SEER’s specialists train interdisciplinary teams of teachers, administrators, and community partners. They participate in these institutes as teams and learn how to teach academic content standards through community-based investigations and environmental service-learning projects.
     In many cases, participants explore the components of the EIC Model™ and examine the EIC Model™ as a "system" that can be used to effectively address current challenges in education.
The institutes help school teams develop the skills necessary to use the EIC Model™ to more effectively:
identify community and natural settings that can be used as real-world contexts for EBE learning and instruction;
integrate instruction and learning across traditional disciplines, using SEER's curriculum-mapping process to simultaneously address content standards from several core subjects (English language arts, math, science, history/social studies and, in some cases, art, music, and physical education);
develop community-based investigations to serve as contexts for standards-based instruction;
provide hands-on learning experiences through problem-solving and issue-based studies;
employ context-based teaching methods to reinforce adopted instructional materials;
work successfully in interdisciplinary team structures;
develop learner-centered, constructivist approaches adapted to individual students and their unique skills and abilities; and,
assess the effects on: student achievement, student behavior and attendance, and teacher motivation.

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