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The EIC Model™
Environment as an Integrating Context improving student learning

Education and the Environment
Creating Standards-Based Programs in Schools and Districts

Gerald A. Lieberman
Foreword by Richard Louv

    In this timely book, curriculum expert Gerald A. Lieberman provides an innovative guide to creating and implementing environment-based education, a new type of education that combines standards-based lessons on English language arts, math, history, and science with community-based investigations and  environmental service-learning projects.
    By connecting academic content with local investigations, environmental study becomes not simply another thing added to the classroom schedule but an engaging, thought-provoking context for learning multiple subjects
    "For decades, Gerald Lieberman has been at the forefront of environment-based learning.
The concept, which has acquired several names over the years, is essentially this:children
and young people learn best when their time in the classroom is augmented by experiences
in the wider community...
      "School should be more than a polite form of incarceration; it should be a portal
to a wider world. Gerald Lieberman’s ongoing work underscores the right of a whole
child to feel and be fully alive.”

— From the foreword by Richard Louv, author of
Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

    "Jerry has been a true pioneer for decades, breaking trail for the rest of us. What makes
his work so impressive is that he not only conceives and writes about new K–12 education
models, he finds effective ways to actually implement them on a significant scale.
     "This book recounts some of those great adventures, and provides an indispensable map
for any teacher or administrator who seeks new ideas for how to prepare students for the
challenges of the 21st century."

— James L. Elder, director, Campaign for Environmental Literacy

 Published by Harvard Education Press, the book can be ordered from following:
• Harvard Education Press: order from HEP
• Acorn Naturalists: order from Acorn Naturalists
• Amazon: order from Amazon

Now available on Kindle: order the Kindle ebook

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