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The EIC Model™
Environment as an Integrating Context for improving student learning

National Network of  EIC Model™ Demonstration Schools
As the EIC Model™ has become better known in the education community, there has been growing interest in establishing networks of EIC demonstration sites in both public and private schools. The creation of state-based networks of EIC Model™ schools has helped to strengthen the EIC implementation process. EIC Model™ school networks are in various stages of development in eight SEER states. Each of these demonstration school networks is unique, representing a variety of funding sources, implementation approaches, leadership strategies and support mechanisms. SEER has initiated EIC Model™ School Networks:
• California (27 schools)
• Florida (13 schools)
• Georgia (13 schools)
• Idaho (8 schools)
• Iowa (17 schools)
• Maryland (9 schools with CBF)
• Minnesota (12 schools)
• Massachusetts (4 schools)
• New Jersey (10 schools)
• South Carolina (10 schools)
• Texas (13 schools)
• Washington (1 CSRD school)

Three examples of such networks include:
In cooperation with SEER, the Department of Children, Families and Learning (now the Department of Education) initiated a network of Minnesota EIC schools beginning with its first cohort of teachers in 1999. A second cohort was added in 2000, bringing the total number of schools in the network to 12. In 2002, an additional 10 schools are joining the Minnesota network, this time in a cooperative effort with the Audubon Center of the North Woods. SEER conducted professional development with both cohorts and the EIC implementation specialists. A teacher on special assignment was funded by the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance. This teacher worked with SEER’s staff to provide ongoing program implementation assistance. SEER monitored the implementation process using its program evaluation instruments.

     SEER worked with Iowa's State Department of Education (ISDE) for four years to provide professional development and technical support to schools across the state. As of Fall 2005, Iowa's EIC Model™ school network had grown to 17 schools. In Winter 2006, SEER and the ISDE initiated an evaluation and student assessment project to evaluate the changes in student achievement and instructional practices that resulted from this joint program.

New Jersey
Ten schools were selected from almost 60 applicants to form a network of EIC Model™ schools that involves a collaborative effort between SEER, New Jersey Department of Education, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education and New Jersey Commission on Environmental Education. The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation provided a grant to initiate this program. SEER is provided technical support and conducted professional development workshops for the school teams in Summer 2001. New members were added to each team in 2002 and received professional development that summer.

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