The EIC Model
using the Environment as an Integrating Context for improving student learning


   Learning based on the EIC Model™ is about using a school's surroundings and community as a framework within which students can construct their own learning, guided by teachers and administrators using proven educational practices.

The EIC Model™ uses:
integrated-interdisciplinary instruction that breaks down traditional boundaries between disciplines;
community-based investigations as learning experiences that offer both minds-on and hands-on experiences through service-learning opportunities;
collaborative instruction so teachers, parents, students and community members can connect together instruction and learning;
learner-centered, constructivist approaches adapted to the needs and unique abilities of individual students;
combinations of independent and cooperative learning; and,
local natural and community surroundings, as the "venue" for connecting together these proven pedagogies, to improve teaching and learning

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The EIC Model™ is a system of educational practices, developed, copyrighted and trademarked by SEER.

The terms "EIC Model™" and "using the Environment as an Integrating Context for learning (EIC Model™)"
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